Dear Dad

Love from Afghanistan

by Jerome Rabelista Caluyo


Book Details

Lutfullah, a young Afghan fearing for his life, seeks refuge in Australia, leaving his home and his family behind in hopes of finding a new life, free of violence and war.

When humanitarian worker Jerome Caluyo first arrived in Kabul as the Country Director for his organization in Afghanistan, Lutfullah was the first employee he wanted to remove from office. Lutfullah, the administrative and finance manager, seemed much too young to command compliance from an unwieldy Afghan staff of 300. But he proved everyone wrong. The events narrated in Dear Dad: Love from Afghanistan are true. Spanning a period of only ten days and set against the backdrop of human suffering, this powerful book follows Lutfullah the refugee as he chases hope beyond hopelessness. His journey triggers memories for Jerome and his own struggles to overcome childhood abuse, searching for a life beyond violence...and eventually arriving at forgiveness and healing.


About the Author

Jerome Rabelista Caluyo

Jerome Rabelista Caluyo is a humanitarian worker for countries in conflict and countries afflicted by natural disasters. In the course of his assignments in war zones, he has had several near misses that almost cost him his life. But he continues to work in conflict- and calamity-ridden areas to save human lives and to bring comfort to the most vulnerable people affected by war and disasters. He lives in Olongapo City, Philippines.