The Beauty and Power of a Wandering Mind

by Doris H. Snyder


Book Details

How Daydreaming Can Benefit You

When was the last time you shut down your electronics, cleared your mind of everyday distractions and let your subconscious speak to you? In this insightful and inspiring book, discover the simple act of daydreaming can help you:

• Boost your relaxation and sense of well-being
• Tap into greater creativity
• Envision the change you want in your personal and professional lives
• Better manage conflicts and strengthen relationships
• Foster better decision-making
• And even uncover your higher purpose in life


About the Author

Doris H. Snyder

Doris Snyder is a professional dream coach and, author of Numbers in Dreams. Her holistic and creative approach to dreams has led clients and conference attendees to greater understanding of their dreams. She is a member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and is a workshop presenter at their annual conferences. You can learn more about Doris by visiting her webpage: