The Darker Side of Hope

by David G. Fambrough


Book Details

Making Meaning Through Life’s Difficult Challenges

2019 CIPA EVVY AWARD - Merit Award Religion/Spiritual Non-Fiction

The concept of hope is that something better awaits us in the future, so we must trek through the darker side of life until the brighter hope is realized. Discovering a path out of the darkness can be hard work. We aren’t always blessed with adequate illumination or insight, and there are both rewards and pitfalls along the way. The Darker Side of Hope offers valuable insights for navigating this journey and gravitating toward the brighter side of HOPE. Are you ready? Let’s start walking together!


About the Author

David G. Fambrough

David Fambrough is a graduate of Mobile College, Mobile, AL, and of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX. He is a board certified chaplain, with the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc., an affiliate of the Association of Professional Chaplains. His 30 years of ministry experience have taken him, as a sojouner, into the life crises of others in a hospice and hospitals and into pulpits in Alabama, Texas, and North Carolina. David and Sandra, his wife, currently reside in North Carolina, where he serves as a bi-vocational pastor. In 2018, he retired, as a staff chaplain, from one of the state’s largest medical centers. The Darker Side of Hope is his debut book.