Danger has a Face

The Most Dangerous Psychopath is Educated, Wealthy and Socially Skilled.

by Anne Pike


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The most dangerous psychopath is the educated, wealthy, socially skilled psychopath.

Danger Has a Face gives you the insight and knowledge to be able to spot the psychopath immediately and thus be able to defend yourself against these predators. This book provides the traits of a psychopath so you can identify the psychopath before it is too late! Psychopaths can be found: • running companies • in prestigious government appointments, as judges, therapists, etc. • in our families • living next door However, they are not like normal people. They know they must carefully hide their true nature because others will not accept it. They know they are different. We are seeing in the news every day the incomprehensible behavior from educated and powerful people-behavior we cannot assign a reason for. We cannot understand that which has not been given a name. Danger Has a Face identifies psychopaths as the perpetrators of harassment, manipulation, abuse and conflict. The people profiled in this book are not the psychopaths who kill or rape but they have the same characteristics and leave a trail of destruction nonetheless. It has been estimated that 1 out of 20 men is a psychopath. The majority of these psychopaths are not violent criminals. These psychopaths however, continue to do untold damage to us all as they leave drama and devastation by abusing loved ones, manipulating others and blaming those consequences on others. Without being able to recognize them at the onset, they have easy access to prey on us. This book was written so we can identify them, give them a name and begin to help those individuals or ourselves who have been victimized, communities that have been shattered, or businesses corrupted. Those men we trusted our money to, the lying politicians whom we elected, the corrupt officials we expected to protect us, and the men we loved and married, all will be easily identified in this book. Danger Has A Face will give the rest of us trusting and honest people a fighting chance against the most dangerous psychopath- the educated, wealthy, socially skilled psychopath. Written with the experience and insight only survivor of a psychopath can impart, Danger Has a Face is above all a practical book, which could save your life.


Book Excerpt

Survivor- “I began to minimize my feelings and take on the responsibility for his behaviors, as if it was in some way, my fault or something I could fix. But I came to realize that I couldn’t fix his lies and his lack of remorse when caught in those lies. When confronted he would just change the subject and talk about something else unrelated. He was always good at getting others to understand what he was going through. He became the victim instead of the villain! This makes it difficult at best, to help your children understand this is not something to emulate, without bad mouthing their father. But, in horror, I watched him take away their innocence and their self-confidence.”


About the Author

Anne Pike

The author was a successful executive until she became involved with an educated, wealthy and very dangerous psychopath. Without understanding the traits of a psychopath, she believed his lies and thought she could help him. Once involved with him, for more than 20 years, her career, her family and her health suffered at the hands of a vindictive and dangerous psychopath. The author remains anonymous as to protect her children and herself from additional litigation and retaliation.



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