The First Mission

by Deandre Kralevic


Book Details

Get ready to drop into the Warzone!

DAAM and his four squad mates drop into a city in the United States that has been devastated by air and ground attacks to complete a series of tasks and ultimately rid the state of the soldiers that are trying to devastate the city. The operation is a black op, which means, the enemy is not aware that the team is moving in. The Elite 5 are prepared for different encounters, with each solider having a special set of skills for the mission. The city has already been evacuated and the mission must be completed before the final circle decides the squad’s fate. Get ready to drop into the Warzone…


About the Author

Deandre Kralevic

Deandre Kralevic is a 29-year-old Facebook Streamer that mostly streams his gameplay in the fast paced, first-person shooter Call of Duty. After streaming for just over a year, he decided to take his gameplay to the keyboard another way and write his rendition of the game from a real-life soldier point of view. Deandre Kralevic is married with five children and currently lives in the state of Maryland.