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Love and Tears The Lyrics is now Published!

Customized songwriter, Mike McCracken has been writing songs most his life. He even wrote songs on the radio for 4 years. Some of these songs are included in this book. Some of his songs are considered heart wrenching and made the people he wrote for even cry even on the radio. Jesus went around healing people and never asked for anything in return to show God's Love. As a Christian songwriter, Mike believes that he is like Jesus healing and has never asking for anything in return. He writes songs for free. His songs really work. The songs have saved marriages, helped with family and brought lovers back together when all seemed hopeless. One man told Mike that there is too much water under the bridge. They will never get back together. He died in her arms. They got back together. "Need a song written for your Love and Tears? I am a Customized Songwriter, I am like a Psychologist. People tell me their story and instead of giving advice I write their song and their song is the cure." Warning: This book will affect your emotions. It is full of real true life Love and Tears.


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Heaven on Earth By Mike McCracken When I’m feeling empty I fill it with your love When I’m feeling lonely You’re the one I dream of The Earth is full of people Who need a little love too I’ll just keep this simple I love you (chorus) I wonder if you miss me Sometimes, I think out loud And I know how to be lonely In a crowd Sometimes, I get to thinking What love’s really worth What it really means To have Heaven on Earth I’ll work my whole life through To buy you pretty things And I’ll always love you No matter what it means Sometimes, I dream you’re with me And realize it’s not true Then realize, I’m only A dream away from you For love’s the greatest treasure That any man can give And with you I’m sure Is the only way to live.


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Mike McCracken

Watch my youtube videos Christian customized songwriter Mike McCracken has been writing songs most his life helping people. He has been given a God given talent with a heart to match. He has traveled the world writing songs and teaching while entertaining and singing his songs. He considers the world his stage and classroom. Being overly creative Mike thinks very different than the world. He travels a different path. God has given him a life of travel and adventure never staying in the same place more than three years. His sister said that Mike lives like he's retired. He lives like a rich man on a poor man's salary.

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