Culture and Conflict

African American Congregations

by Annisteen Tate Cammack


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Recognizing and successfully navigating conflict in an African-American church congregation is a major challenge for both clergy and laity. In Culture and Conflict: African-American Congregations, Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack explores how culture influences the recognition and resolution of conflict in predominately African American congregations. Black people have developed their own distinctive culture and worldviews as parallels-not replicas- to mainstream culture. These distinct forms of culture and worldviews influence almost every facet of life, including the worship experience—and clergy and laity both must be sensitive to these differences in examining disharmony in the church. Culture and Conflict addresses a subject that has been long overlooked and largely understudied: Does the uniqueness of African-American culture impact the way discord is managed in predominately African-American congregations?


About the Author

Annisteen Tate Cammack

Annisteen Tate-Cammack has spent over 30 years in the field of interpersonal communications and conflict resolution. She has developed and taught programs on Change Management, Cultural Diversity, Interpersonal Communications, and Conflict Resolution in secular and Christian forums. She has also been in ordained ministry for the past 15 years, dedicated to the restoration of relationships through the application of God’s Word.