The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds

by Lahra Nelson


Book Details

Meet Anastasia—the beautiful Russian cow who wants to be different!

Anastasia had been admired since she was a tiny calf. Her marvelously long eyelashes, delicate ears, and silky soft coat made her the most beautiful cow in town! As Anastasia grew, she began to adorn herself with bright, colorful clothing—with silks, sparkling jewels, and towering hats—to enhance her natural beauty. But when her attire attracts the local birds, who land on her back and cover her beautiful outfit, will she still be adored by all?


About the Author

Lahra Nelson

Lahra Nelson creates imaginative children’s books based on original, whimsical paintings that she created for her children when they were young. She was inspired to write The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds, her debut children’s book, from Russia’s beautiful, colorful buildings and fine arts. She also gains inspiration from architecture and art from around the globe. Lahra lives with her husband and three children in Fort Mill, South Carolina.



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