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The complete guide to manage your life to achieve your dreams.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Life just got in the way”? Well, at Conquer Life we challenge that, head on. In our culture today, there is an astonishing amount of stimuli available (literally at our fingertips) to take our attention away from the things we want to accomplish in life. It is so easy to lose track of our goals and dreams by focusing on the latest trending topic that, more times than not, the dreaded phrase “Life just got in the way” becomes all too real. Even if procrastination does not plague your daily routine, it is still challenging to achieve a personal goal or land your dream job if you don’t know where to start, or just don’t have the time. Every now and then you come across a “rags to riches” story, and undoubtedly, at some point the person who has landed at the top of the mountain is asked how they achieved their success. Even without any context, the achiever in this scenario will state it took “a lot of hard work” to get where they are today. This, of course, is more than likely very true, but it offers the reader no pathway to success on their own endeavors. Hard work is the answer for achieving ultimate success in life, but this offers no real value for those who seek something more out of their life. If you have ever had a dream of one day opening your own restaurant or developing the next hit mobile app, of course it takes hard work to get there, but without a smarter approach, hard work is not even half the battle. Conquer Life is the complete guide to an elevated way of living through achieving your dreams in life via industry-proven methodologies. For those who seek success and are willing to put in the (hard) work, Conquer Life gives you the how-to in achieving your life’s greatest quest. The methodologies found in this guide are pulled directly from those that the world’s biggest companies use to develop new and exciting products and thus grow their business in an increasingly competitive global market, but they are adapted and enhanced for your personal life. No longer will you need to say, “Life just got in the way” because you will achieve your dreams; you will conquer life.


About the Author

Nate Dinet

My name is Nate Dinet, and I am in love with my beautiful wife, Caitlin, and the proud father of our adorable daughter, Mia. For several years I have acted as a coach for organizations, helping them change the way they operate to enhance their efficiency in developing new products. While working in this environment, I found myself applying the same principles I used to help the organizations in my personal life with outstanding results. Now my focus has shifted from helping enterprises to helping individuals. My approach in Conquer Life is to be your hands-on coach, and I hope you give me that chance by picking up my book!