Come Boldly to the Throne

Child of the King

by Betty J. Holton


Book Details

A fresh approach to “The Lord’s Prayer” that will engage your mind and change your heart.

“The Lord’s Prayer” is more than a prayer to recite. Each word and phrase blooms into a deeper communion and fellowship with our Heavenly Father and is purposed to keep us on the path of righteousness. The aspiration of this book is to take a deeper look at these words and phrases to consider how they affect our life and relationship with Him. Today we all need to do a little checking in with God and ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us have lost our focus and path. Betty Holton gives the reader a lot to internalize as she weaves fresh ideas entwined with scripture. It is evident that a significant amount of planning and preparation went into crafting this book. Written in narrative voice, this book is nicely paced and engaging. You will find a fresh approach to “The Lord’s Prayer” that will engage your mind and change your heart.


Book Excerpt

Nestled in the principles of the kingdom and given at the “Sermon on the Mount,” the Lord Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray. He presents them with a pattern of prayer for the purpose of communicating with the Almighty God. Jesus instructs them saying, “Pray after this manner.” Jesus begins to teach “The Lord’s Prayer” with an invitation to share in a close personal relationship with His Father by addressing The Almighty God as “Our Father.” Consider receiving an invitation into the King’s throne room and with the invitation an offer to be adopted as His child which includes eternal life and a rich inheritance. This invitation far exceeds what our minds can possibly comprehend. This intimate, personal relationship with The Almighty God as “Our Father” assures us of His enduring love.


About the Author

Betty J. Holton

Betty Holton was born into a family with strong Biblical principles. Embracing this heritage, she committed her life to serving the Lord. This commitment set the stage for this award-winning Realtor, designer, and home builder, to share her faith with her employees, business contacts, and friends. She counts it a blessing to have ministered at several Women’s Conferences in Russia and in the Northwest. Standing firm on God’s promises is how she meets life’s challenges. Her life is a victorious testimony to others who face adversity in their lives. Betty and her husband enjoy life on a secluded ranch nestled in a valley surrounded by the majestic Owyhee Mountains. There they count it a joy to host their family and friends.