Coffee Table Poetry

Experiencing the Power of Poetic Literature

by Regina Long Southall


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Literary composition has always allowed me to express myself.

The best exercise is bending down to help someone else up so that he or she becomes successful too. In doing so, this makes a true friendship. That gift of friendship makes the journey through life easier. I encourage everyone to follow your dreams, regardless of what people say, perceive or assume.


About the Author

Regina Long Southall

Regina Long Southall is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia. She graduated from Norfolk State College (now University) and Regent University Graduate School of Education. She retired as a public school educator in 2004, rendering 32.8 years of service. This poetry book makes her third book publication. Being an educator, her professional book, Teaching In Elementary Schools: The Real Deal, was published in 2009. Regina is a life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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