Code Talker

A Novel of the Navajo

by Ivon Blum


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A Noble Inquiry into Survival and Belonging

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Navajo code talker and U.S. Marine, Talking Boy Gorman, lies wounded and alone as the WWII fight for Iwo Jima explodes all around. Pain drives his urgent need to discover why Vargas, his own bodyguard, tries to kill him. He remembers the frequently told stories of his great grandparents, Juanito and Hunts Quail, and how Juanito’s half-brother and mortal enemy murdered Hunts Quail just as she gave life to his own grandfather on the Long Walk. In the morphine haze, Talking Boy hears these same old stories of the Navajo Nation during the U.S. army’s recent attempts to exterminate an entire people. He tries to imitate Juanito’s mountain cry, “I shall surrender never!” but knows that, by joining the marines, somehow, he’s already given up something sacred. In a letter in his mind he asks his sweetheart, Penny Joe, “how come I change flags so easily?” Talking Boy radios his Indian language code which helps save a nation at war and hears the sing-song words among flying bombs and bullets. He faces Varga’s revenge and unravels the mystery of family hate. In the end, he discovers the secret which drives him and all of the Navajo Code Talkers to war.
“With Code Talker Ivon Blum tells the largely unsung story of bilingual heroes and WWII—draftees of the much-maligned Navajo nation who used their own tongue to transmit top-secret battlefield messages to outwit Japanese forces. Blum’s compelling characters keep the action coming and the suspense high while weaving in Navajo history, life and spiritual beliefs.” Vicki Leon, author of 40 books of historical detection, including 4000 Years of Uppity Women and 2013’s The Joy of Sexus—.


Book Excerpt

Ivon Blum is the author of River of Souls, A Novel of the American Myth (Sunstone Press) available at (see customer reviews) or B & Click the above Amazon or B & N links and search for "River of Souls." REVIEW Western Writers of America says of "Code Talker:" "Blum's lyrical writing seemlessly blends a dual narrative - World War II and the 1860's - and he has a fine grasp on history. A gripping story of persecution, revenge, love, honor and sacrifice."


About the Author

Ivon Blum

Ivon Blum is a retired Los Angeles lawyer who has been researching and writing about the American Southwest for more than 20 years. His novel, River of Souls, about the Santa Fe Trail, was well received. He’s visited the Tewa and Navajo in their hometowns and fly-fished many of the rivers in New Mexico and Arizona. He’s a member of Western Writers of America. When he writes about Canyon del Muerto, Shiprock, or old Fort Defiance, he is no stranger.

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