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Uncover the True History of Ancient Egypt

Like the discovery of an unknown mummy's tomb, Katanga A. Bongo's Civilization and the Ancient Egyptians sheds important new light on the most fascinating epoch in human history: Ancient Egypt. In this heavily researched work, Bongo traces the evolution of civilization not to the Middle East, as most scholars do, but rather the South American tribes whose cultures greatly influenced what became the Land of the Pharaohs. It's a tale of astonishing legends, staggering scientific advances, major cultural achievements, and disturbing practices (including the South American penchant for human sacrifice).

Through analysis of indigenous folklore and linguistic evidence, Bongo reveals a fresh picture of Africa and the nascent cultures that populated it. What emerges is an engaging account of life for both ordinary people and the major players, Kufu, Tutu-ank-Amen, Maya and others, whose contributions set the stage for all civilizations that followed.


About the Author

Katanga A. Bongo

West Africa-born Katanga A. Bongo is a historian who lives in the United States. His research in South America’s influence on Africa was sparked by interest in the linguistic heritage of a relative, an 18th-century wanderer named Red Bird. Bongo’s quest took him throughout the two continents to uncover the true history of the Ancient Egyptians. Civilization and the Ancient Egyptians is the first in a series unraveling the mysteries of Africa.

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