Cheering for the Good: Leading When It Matters

by Karen Lueck


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Praise for Cheering for the Good: Leading When It Matters

“Imagine putting the finishing touches on a book about leadership when a leadership crisis befalls the nation—literally crippling it. That’s what happened to Karen Lueck when the deadly coronavirus slammed into the country. She could have thrown her hands in the air—and the script into the shredder—figuring it would require too much of a rewrite. Instead, Lueck was blessed with the fact that her analysis of the topic was spot-on in the first place. With a few tweaks, voila—the book retains its relevance and wisdom for anyone who aspires to become a kind, compassionate leader the world needs so desperately these days. Her philosophy pivots on the similarities to and differences between being a cheerleader, as she was in high school, and a cheer leader, as she influences today. The result is a fresh approach to leadership. It is based as much on a leader’s need to listen to others and embrace the concept of shared decision-making as it is on acknowledging where the buck stops. Lueck offers a bonanza of insights as she cheers her readers on to embrace their own leadership potential.” (Mike Tighe—journalist and author)


About the Author

Karen Lueck

Karen Lueck is a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. She has spent much of her life recognizing goodness in herself and others. As an educator, mental health counselor, spiritual director, and leader in her congregation, she acted as a cheer leader for the people with whom she ministered. This book continues that outreach.