Chasing Atlantis

by Kelly Coughlin


Book Details

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here” ~ William Shakespeare

Amy isn't like most girls her age who dream of spending all summer on the beach. In fact, she dreads it. The yearly visit to see her mom seems even more ominous than usual. In the quaint town known as Vero Beach many bizarre things begin to happen that leave her perplexed. She can't place her finger on it but even the housekeeper is acting odd, and praying over her room. Things get even creepier when her family starts pushing an old friend on her for dates and he doesn't seem to know how to take no for an answer. So why do the three enigmatic life guards intrigue her, especially Ty, who is yelling at her one minute and saving her another. The only question is: What is he saving her from? What lies out in the ocean waiting for her? Together they must discover the truth about the world and battle the evil that threatens to destroy them.


Book Excerpt

Her tan skin actually seemed to shine in the dark night. Her dark hair blew about her wildly, even though there was no breeze. Only her upper torso was showing, covered by her long brown hair, the rest of her was swallowed in the water. Her lips moved in some unknown song, lulling my dull human senses. The song was extraordinary. Her voice was sweeter than honey, twisting from a high octave gently dropping to a lower one in some unknown chant too brilliant for me to follow. Her voice caressed me, warmed me, forcing me to believe that it was okay to follow her, despite the fact that every human instinct wanted me to bolt. More than anything in the world I just wanted to hear this song, more than my own life. That's when I knew I was going to die.


About the Author

Kelly Coughlin

Kelly Coughlin is a military brat who has moved more times than she can count. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a dual degree in International Communication and French. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Communications. Her real passion lies in writing and she has dreamed of following her heart and publishing her stories. To contact the author email her at Follow her blog at :