Changing Climate Changing Lives

Against the Backdrop of Past Changes

by David R. Johnson


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It’s time to collectively confront climate change.

A large majority of climate scientists are warning us that the earth’s climate is warming and there may well be points of no return—some of which we may have already crossed. But a minority contends we should not worry. For those of us who are not climate scientists, which side of this dispute should we believe?

Bothered that his own generation, by its own disregard of the climate, must share the blame for creating this dilemma, David R. Johnson examined past changes confronted by our ancestors around the globe—an historical scope that includes our numbers, measurements, calendars, clocks and thermometers. Against that background, he has concluded that not only should we be listening but we should be taking steps in our own lives to heed the warnings coming from the climate scientists.

The earth’s climate is warming, due in large part to the regrettable fact that over the past few centuries humans have given the earth’s climate so little attention. The time has come to do whatever we must to find substitutes for our past and ongoing burning of coal and other fossil fuels.


About the Author

David R. Johnson

David R. Johnson is a 1963 graduate of Princeton (Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude) and a 1966 graduate of the Michigan Law School (Order of the Coif). He practiced law in Denver for 26 years before deciding other interests had been too long postponed. David’s children and their children took first claim and then, as they each found their own way, he gave increasing attention to his lifetime interests in woodworking and sculpture and, over the past decade, his growing concern about our climate.