Change Your Life Through WRITING

It’s Your Life Write It Your Way

by Roger Lown


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You have a mind and your mind thinks, creates, and invents. You were designed that way.

Dreams, thoughts, and ideas are born in our mind. But we cannot take action on what we cannot see. Our life goals and ambitions are brought to life by deciding, planning, and action. Writing can take that which is invisible in our minds into visible form on paper. By asking ourselves simple and yet effective questions to stir our minds I believe writing can unlock the opportunities in our mind that are waiting to be discovered by us. Believing that you have abilities and you can improve your skills is the best defense against pessimistic people. Why wouldn’t you be able to achieve that goal in your life? You were created for this. You were born to accomplish your goals and live your dream through hard work and ambition. You were born and designed for a life of purpose. They said we couldn’t and we believed them. Then one day we said we could and we did!


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Do you know the difference between a small town writer and a big name writer? The big name writer was a small town writer who wrote out of a passion for his/her craft and did not give up. Remember writing is not just a book, it is your creative ideas on paper. A book however is a possibility that can be born from your mind! And your book whether it is a creative story, life story, or your ideas, can be in many places where you can only be in one place at a time. But you ultimately have to believe you can do this which requires rising above pessimistic and gloomy outlooks . Why wouldn't you be able to think and create a book, you were born and designed for this! I wish my readers the best for accomplishing their life goals in 2016! If your goal is to be a published author here is a link for you agent/key/320303 Roger Lown Writer / Author / Life Coach


About the Author

Roger Lown

Roger Lown is an author, writer and life coach. His next book in progress is, The life and Tones of The Lake City V.F.D. The author is in the field of personal improvement and life coaching. He believes that each one of us has a purpose in life and we require personal affirmation and appreciation in our lives. He is an active single father who enjoys physical fitness, the outdoors, and home life. In addition he serves his community as a volunteer firefighter. The author resides in beautiful Dutchess County, N.Y.