by Kathleen Squire-Merolla


Book Details

A psychopath returns to haunt Lora Logan.

Lora Logan, a naive, fun loving teen, survives a brutal attack that changes her life forever. When her attacker is never apprehended,her parents move the family to a secluded ranch in Arizona. The one constant in Lora's life has always been her love of music. This talent, along with the loving support of her family and best friend, Emma, gives her the strength to enter a national talent contest. After winning the contest and a recording contract, her life takes another dramatic turn. Lora and her family find themselves thrust into the fast paced, public life of a celebrity.

Before Lora is able to acclimate to her new life as a star, she is stalked by the psychopath from her past. David Logan, Lora's father hires a body guard to protect the daughter, he still feels guilty for not protecting as a child. Would Rodney Blackman, a six foot, two hundred pound body builder and ex-marine be capable? The day comes when Rod willingly puts his life on the line for Lora, the young woman he has grown very fond of during their professional relationship.


About the Author

Kathleen Squire-Merolla

Kathleen has been writing on and off since childhood, publishing a poem here and there, until November 2008 when she came across the National Novel Writing Month's web site. She rearranged her schedule,set aside her knitting and home canning projects, took a deep breath, and vowed to have her first novel in thirty days. Her first book, The REVELATION was born, and she hasn't stopped writing since.

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