Caught in a Tangled Web of Lies

by Marine Natalie Stewart


Book Details

Caught in a Tangled Web of Lies takes the reader on a romantic ride of suspense and intrigue.

2020 CIPA EVVY Award2nd Place Romance Paranormal/Gothic/Historical/Regency/Suspense/Western
This intriguing novel follows the twists and turns in the lives of Blessings and Amaliya, a young Ghanaian couple, one rich, the other a few steps above poverty. They meet and fall in love some years before their country experiences an economic boom. Blessings Kuffour, the handsome son of a rich entrepreneur, sets his eyes on the beautiful fashion model, Amaliya Amantu, and it is love at first sight. He refuses to let her out of his sight. Amaliya falls equally in love with Blessings. She is fascinated by his unusually good looks and feline-like eyes, but above all, she is fascinated by his rich lifestyle. Will their relationship survive when she betrays him by denying him what he wants to share most with her? Follow them on their journey in Caught in a Tangled Web of Lies.


About the Author

Marine Natalie Stewart

Marine Natalie Stewart loves writing and is the author of several published articles, including “English as the Global Language.” She lived for some years in Europe. She studied fashion design and merchandising in Paris; worked for the U.S. Dept of State in Bonn, Germany and taught English for more than seven years in Rome, Italy. She had gone on many extended stays in Ghana and Senegal, where she feels at home. Caught in a Tangled Web of Lies is her debut novel. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA