Carley McFarley & Sydney McFinley (The Mystery of the Glowing Swamp)

by Belinda Ellenberger and Sydney Smith


Book Details

What’s Really Happening in the Swamp?

Ever since Carley’s family moved, things haven’t been quite right. Although she loves living close to her cousin Sydney, there’s something strange going on in the swamp behind their houses…every night, she sees mysterious lights. Every time she tries to show them to someone else, they disappear! Carley knows she isn’t imagining things, so she enlists Sydney to help solve the mystery of the glowing swamp. It’s not an easy job: lots of things get in the way, from clumsy accidents to uncooperative family—and then, of course, there is the translucent lady who doesn’t want them to find out the truth. Follow Carley and Sydney in this spine-tingling adventure as they track down the answers and start their own detective agency!


About the Author

Belinda Ellenberger and Sydney Smith

Belinda Ellenberger is a retired legal secretary and part-time photographer living in Pontachoula, Louisiana with her husband, Cecil. She is the author of Cousins and Time-Warp Cousins. Sydney Smith is the granddaughter of Belinda Ellenberger. She loves school and enjoys being in the BETA club and book club. She also loves gym class, and playing outside with her dog, Jazz. She spends hours on FaceTime with her cousin, Carley.

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