Caregiver's Roadmap

Saving you time, money, and your sanity.

by Pat Carpenter


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Planning tools, resources, and practical advice for the caregiver.

The Caregiver’s Roadmap is about one couple’s journey through the valley of the shadow and into new life. This is what they learned about planning, about each other, and about the grace of God. This book contains life planning ideas to make life more meaningful for you and your loved ones. Offering practical suggestions and inspirational guidance, it is a must-read for all caregivers and potential caregivers.  – Jacintha Kraft Balch, Esq., estate planning attorney No HR director ever gets the education to prepare for that call “I need to take Family and Medical Leave because . . .”. We extend our sympathy and mail eligibility or benefit forms. It would be wonderful to have this type of information available to include with those dreaded forms. – Jerry Oreste, Corporate Human Resources Director This small book is like having a compassionate, wise and knowledgeable friend who has ‘been there’ to walk with you through the dark valley times of life. Pat shares some of the spiritual, very practical and financial wisdom she has learned on her journey and generously shares it with us! – Denise Edwards, Pastor


About the Author

Pat Carpenter

Pat Carpenter took care of her late husband for seven years prior to his death. Her hard-won experience can make the end-of-life journey much easier to navigate. She lives in Columbus with her new husband and two dogs.