Caregiver: My Love Story

Facing Dementia

by Jane Sweeney


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Calling all Caregivers

You are not alone! BE ALERT, BE HOPEFUL, BE READY! YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE OUTCOME! What is a Silver Tsunami? What are Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body Dementia and Vascular Dementia? Why is it vital to get a CORRECT DIAGNOSIS? Where do you keep medications, scissors, knives and matches? Are chemical agents easily accessible in your garage? Facing dementia will change you and everything around you! It is a call to love and care more deeply!


About the Author

Jane Sweeney

“2013 Caregiver of the Year”, “Women-of-the-Year” and a special Plaque to honor the “Mind-Brain” Symposium” acknowledged my role as a Care Giver! These significant honors validated my learning and devotion during my time providing care to Bernie, My Sweetheart. These Awards give credibility, integrity and focus to what, why and how I persevered and prevailed with love, hope and faith! • This is “My Love Story” but it is also a “manual” for ALL Care Givers! Dementia Diagnosis: Lewy Body Dementia (with parkinsonian-like symptoms) and Alzheimer’s. • With this diagnosis came shock, disbelief and some panic. This diagnosis pierced our lives. Reality was cruel, penetrating and caustic. I cried for hours. • Alzheimer’s diagnosis became over-arching to our lives. It was treacherous and all-encompassing. It became our existence. But that was only part of our story.