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The truth can set you free. Unless it’s built on lies…

The French Foreign Legion is a mysterious organization that operates mostly in the shadows. Capturing the Sunset is the coming-of-age story of someone who entered this clandestine group as a boy, and emerged a man.

Facing death taught this former legionnaire about life. He overcame adversity and struggled to survive. He fought wars that were not his to fight. He learned to love but also to hate. Intense passion and drive pulled him through the most tumultuous phase of his life, but he did not do it alone. In the depths of his soul, he formed bonds with people he now calls friends, brothers, and family. From his first love to his first kill, the shocking events of his life have catapulted him into action, and he is forced to face his demons and hone his sense of truth. Ultimately, he must decide: Would he rather be hated for who he truly is or loved for what he can never be?


About the Author

Alin Gruia

Alin Gruia resides in Oregon, where this novel was written but far from where it was conceived. Alin started writing fiction and nonfiction at an early age back on the old continent; these days he divides his time between writing, traveling, family, and new experiences. Capturing the Sunset is his debut novel.