Master Gardener's Medical Cannabis Secrets

Learn to Grow Marijuana Nor-Cal Style!

by Bodhi Moon


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Learn to Grow Nor-Cal Style!

LEARN TO GROW AN OUTDOOR 5 POUND MINIMUM MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLANT CONSISTENTLY! HOW TO INCREASE YIELDS, IMPROVE QUALITY, AND SAVE MONEY EVERY CYCLE ON YOUR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR! This is not a Beginners grow manual! It is designed for the master gardener who wants to refine his or her techniques and constantly improve. Learn to grow Nor-Cal style and become your own expert. Relevant to both Indoor and Outdoor gardens, and all Medical growers, this book will take you to the next level!


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If your interested in this book please see my facebook page or my Amazon page, Master Gardener's Medical Cannabis Secrets; learn to grow Nor-Cal style, for more info including an author interview about this book.


About the Author

Bodhi Moon

I have grown marijuana for 21 years straight, indoor and outdoor. I have experimented with many different systems and techniques including hydroponics, aeroponics, deep-water culture, nutrient film technique, advanced indoor setups, guerilla techniques, large production medical outdoor gardens, and soil, soil, and more soil. Throughout my growing career I have kept meticulous records and have performed many scientific experiments. I also was raised in an area of California, Nevada County, that rivals Humboldt when it comes to marijuana cultivation and have had the chance to see and help with hundreds of different gardens.