Building a Strong and Loving Family

Six Interactive Lessons To Becoming A More Fulfilled Family

by Richard Godsil

Building a Strong and Loving Family

Building a Strong and Loving Family

Six Interactive Lessons To Becoming A More Fulfilled Family

by Richard Godsil

Published Mar 25, 2009
151 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living / General


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Is having a happier and stronger connected family important to you?

Just as in building a house or fine handcrafted furniture, it takes time, effort and knowledge. In Building a Strong and Loving Family, you will laugh, share and find insight into becoming a healthier family. In each session, you will be involved in an active opening which will put everyone at ease. This allows for the subject to be discussed, for the participants to share and for the lesson to be applied. At the end of each session you will take the active lesson home and share it with your children. By allowing the family to participant in each lesson, they will learn to apply the principles in becoming stronger, healthier and happier.

The six sessions are:

Understanding the Blueprints – Communication

Sanding the Rough Edges – Coping with Crises and Stress

Gluing the Wood – Commitment

Nailing the Pieces Together – Spending Time Together

Staining the Wood – Affirmation

Applying the Varnish – Spiritual Wellness

This book can be used in small groups or in a large group setting. Each book includes a leader’s section and participant’s work pages.


Book Excerpt


Understanding the blueprints is essential in building. If you don’t understand the measurements or the location, serious consequences will arise. I know that “real men” don’t need instructions, but truth be told, if we don’t follow the blueprints, we may end up with a doghouse instead of a house for a family to live in. And if that happens, you might end up in that doghouse!


About the Author

Richard Godsil

Richard Godsil, is a parent, grand-parent and pastor to families. He attended Friends University to pursue his Masters in Family Development and Education in order to help families to become stronger, happier and more loving. Richard has worked with teens, children and their families for over 30 years in churches, schools and community events. He has trained parents, youth leaders and teachers on how to have a better relationship with their students and children. Richard is married to his high school sweetheart, Laurie, and they have three children and three grandchildren. They live and minister in Colorado.