Build A Bigger Table

Creating Space to Discuss Life & Faith

by Jeremy Martin


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Shaping the Table

Build a Bigger Table offers a better way to approach church strategy and meaningful discussion for the modern church that wants to have a place of influence within current culture. By creating a “bigger table”—a space where people can come together to discuss life and faith, even if they disagree—we create a place where new ideas can be born. New friendships, trips, and tips all happen when you combine tables and chairs and people and energy. The first and most difficult thing we must do is decide the shape, size, texture, and scope of our tabletop. This is where the bread and wine will sit. This is where the sound of our stories will reverberate as we share and listen. This is where our elbows will rest as we lean in to one another. And where our heads will rest as we struggle with the pain of community. We must craft this tabletop to endure!


About the Author

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin is the founding pastor of Downtown Faith, a community of faith in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. He is married to his beautiful wife and partner in life and ministry, Martha, and they have two amazing children, Greyson and Hennley. Together, his family and church community create space in downtown Las Vegas to discuss life and faith.