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Turmoil in Paradise

Charles Stone, Boston lawyer and sculptor, travels to Hawaii for a much needed vacation after performing two life threatening assignments for Franklin Life Insurance Company. What is thought as paradise becomes a tropical hell and once again Franklin Life has to call on this experienced investigative attorney for help. Stone is woven through a tapestry of racial discontent to confronting a radical movement trying to secede as the 50th state. He finds the cultural melting pot boiling over, threatening tourism and other island businesses and encounters violence and tragedy. The reader will meet several characters from the author’s previous travel mysteries, Sentimental Me and Canyons of the Soul and be introduced to other new and exciting ones. Lovers of travel, adventure and mystery will experience romance, island hopping, a cruise on the SS Pride of America and be introduced to ancient Hawaiian lore as they follow Charles Stone through the darker passages of Aloha.


Book Excerpt

I met Bo at the Aloha Court entrance to the USS Arizona Park a little before the seven o'clock shift opening. Our first shift had been positioned since six o'clock and had the same intimidating presence of roaming security police at the Rome airport. It did not have a negative affect on the tourists; in fact it appeared to give them a sense of comfort. I saw several chatting with security and even patting the large German Shepard dogs. The old white immigration vehicle with a noticable green stripe acted as a deterrent in itself. Bo and I noticed several of the youths on mopeds circling about in confusion. Their daily game plan was being disrupted.


About the Author

Charles L. Fields

Charles L. Fields grew up surrounded by the seaside beauty of Rockport, Massachusetts and the artists who attempted to depict it. His varied and bizarre careers went from banana boat engineer to lobster dealer to chicken hatchery manager and include being an author, poet, sculptor and world traveler. These life time experiences enriched his published Memoir, Many Lands Many Hearts and add realism and depth to his fictional writing. He is married and divides his time between Massachusetts and Arizona. This book follows Sentimental Me and Canyons of the Soul in the Charles Stone travel mystery series.

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