Who Shined Brightness When Days Were Dim

by Mike MacIver


Book Details

“When life got heavy, he got light by just being kind”

We all have ways of dealing with hurts and pains in our lives. Brim chooses to push back at his hurt and heal his pain by helping others and simply being kind. And then, one day, when Brim is lost, it is those he has helped day after day that remember his examples of kindness to others “on the good days and the bad,” who search for, and ultimately find him.


Book Excerpt

"Give Brim a choice to fly high or go low
He would pick high every time, don't you know?
As much as he loved the clang of the chain on the pole
Helping others was what really made him feel whole."


About the Author

Mike MacIver

Mike is a teacher by trade, but more so a lifelong learner thanks in large part to his six children. Each of them — four boys and two girls — provide him with daily lessons on how to live life with laughter and love. One of his sons, Brice (who loved to play disc golf), struggled with a mental illness and, yet, still was able, with his short life, to leave behind a lesson on how to turn the table on adversity by simply showing kindness at every turn. Mike lives in northern Virginia, continues to learn from his kids on a daily basis, and plays disc golf every chance he gets.