In Search of the Body & Soul Connection

My Interpretation & Understanding of the Link

by Duke Saganich

In Search of the Body & Soul Connection

In Search of the Body & Soul Connection

My Interpretation & Understanding of the Link

by Duke Saganich

Published Mar 22, 2020
223 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth


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“Every step of the journey is the journey” Zen Saying

This book is a thought provoking analysis for all of the spiritual seekers looking for answers. It’s for those who are open to all the possibilities of what could be. It’s about the mysteries and wonders of why we are here.
The author’s studies and research into spirituality and religion have led him to find common ground between them. The premise of this book is based on his interpretation and understanding of the three main aspects of spirituality; the “Body”, the “Soul” and the “Link” which connects them.

"Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

In Search of the Body and Soul Connection: My Interpretation and Understanding of the Link by Duke Saganich is a thought-provoking, profound, and insightful book for readers looking for answers to the mysteries and wonders of why they are here. The author speaks of his personal experience of being diagnosed with a rare hereditary eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 38 and how through research and spiritual beliefs he understood it happened for a reason. He shares his spiritual beliefs with readers and guides them to find and use the links to balance the body, mind, and soul, which will help them on their journey toward spiritual growth. Understanding the link between the soul and the body is useful when it comes to making better choices for spiritual development. The chapters are divided into three sections and readers are taught simple techniques and exercises that can be incorporated into their daily lives to help them connect and stay on their spiritual path.

Reading In Search of the Body and Soul Connection will help readers understand what is meant by the spiritual path and how to make conscious choices in life that will fulfill life's purpose. The book is good for every reader to examine their lives and figure out what their life's purpose could be. The book is a good way for readers to analyze how deep the activities of the soul are, which will help them become aware of their habits and responses and be honest with themselves. It is not too late for any of us to connect with the universal life force energy that gives life to the universe and all living creatures. I found the summary of the chapters useful too. The content helps to develop self-awareness so that the inner messages can be received, helping readers to find life's purpose and stay on the spiritual path. Duke Saganich speaks about the topic extensively, giving readers detailed glimpses of the physical and spiritual realms, the soul types, energy consciousness, and other interesting facts that will encourage spiritual seekers to grow, develop, and evolve."


Book Excerpt

Part Two “The Soul”:
Chapter 5 “The Bridge of Consciousness” will show the bridges that are formed through the consciousness communication network. I will also discuss death as the transitional period between lives. During this period you reconnect with your soul and make choices for your next life experience. These choices will depend mostly on the level that your soul has evolved. There will be many other choices available to your soul when it has come to the end of its reincarnation cycles. The soul is continually evolving and has choices which include becoming Guides, or Teachers. Evolved souls can also choose to start a new reincarnation cycle to continue the experience of physical life and help other souls in their evolutionary process.


About the Author

Duke Saganich

Duke Saganich was born in Croatia and came to the United States when he was eight. Throughout his life his interests focused on research in spirituality, religion, philosophy, psychology, mysticism and meditation. He retired at age 62 and is living in Upstate New York with his wife Ellie.

* The author will be donating 50% of his royalties to various charities that are in need.