Black Bison

Alaska Animal Tails

by Francis Ivey


Book Details

This story is about a Bison Herd that lives between the Tanana and Wood Rivers, which drain north into the Yukon River. The main character is a Black Bison bull named Carl, which his friends call him Lucky.

Carl receives the name Lucky from a Prairie Dog called Cat, when Cat helps Lucky after a battle with a Denali Wolf Pack. Then Willy the Coyote helps Carl in rescuing his family from a ranch in Delta Jct. Then the three have a meeting with the ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ at his home in Red Ridge.


About the Author

Francis Ivey

I was working the western edge of Fort Greely for two summers when I met this Buffalo Herd. The Matriarch of the Herd took to me, so the rest of the Herd did too. Once in the morning and once in the evening they would graze through my work area, about seventy Bison on all sides. The younger bulls looked like they wanted to play, but they were too big for playmates?

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