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Think You Have Man Trouble... Wait Until You Meet Rachel Clark!

Rachel Clark is a well-known Houston attorney who has had bad luck with men since elementary school. Stevie Jacobs, her sixth-grade boyfriend, stood her up at the school dance and took someone else instead. Her high school sweetheart, Christian, cheats on her when he goes off to college and breaks her heart. She dates several men throughout her career but still can’t seem to find the one. After several failed relationships, she almost gives up on men until she meets her soul mate. When that relationship goes sour, Rachel changes for the worse. All of the Christian morals and values she grew up with go out the door. She goes from being the good girl to a very bad one. Her ultimate goal is to make sure she hurts every man she comes in contact with. She wants men to hurt like she has. She has been hurt by men for the last time and is out to seek revenge.


About the Author

Colette Nance

Colette Nance is an elementary school teacher with a Master of Science Degree in Educational Theory and Practice. She teaches Literacy, and lives in Arkansas with her daughter Raven. This is her first book.