Birthdays, Numbers & More

by Patty Blank


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How to turn any life into a positive one!

Everyone is interested in building self-esteem. Whether it be yours or someone you know, it aids in obtaining personal success, enjoying longlasting relationships and maintaining healthy bodies. It all starts with attitude. Our attitude toward anything or anyone is totally within our own control. Numerology can give you the positive attitude to change lives. This workbook will give you the insight to learn to accept yourself and everyone you know, making for a long happy life.


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This small book will make a huge difference in your life. It was written with the intent to make everyone's life happier and easier by providing a little insight to the understanding of why people do the things they do.


About the Author

Patty Blank

Currently living in Keystone, Colorado, Patty Blank has recently dedicated her life to helping others achieve their goals and raise their spirits by sharing her knowledge of the Numbers. She has been studying Numerology for the past three decades and believes she can answer all those life long questions with her insight. Her goal this lifetime is for everyone to not only know their sun sign but also know their Lifepath number and how to use that knowledge.
This book needs to be shared. Give it as a gift, take it to your next party but most of all USE it. Allow the insights that are revealed help you to understand your family and friends. Knowing is what makes the difference. Be happy.
Please use the contact link to ask her any questions. She will respond to all and any questions in regards to the NUMBERS.

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