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“A long time ago there was a little girl named Big Hair One with Bear Feet.”

Wearing the hard black and white shoes with the red heart on the side was torture. But what’s even more torturous is when people make fun of you. Big Hair One with Bear Feet maintains that childlike being. The freedom of running barefoot and without the pain of shoes was simple. Just don’t wear any. But when she does this, little does she know the attention her feet will bring. What happened to your feet? Look how funny your feet are! Tinge of doubt set in, and Big Hair One with Bear Feet grows an uncomfortable feeling inside. She starts to believe there must be something wrong with her feet and asks God why He gave her Bear Feet anyway. Not only did kids make fun of her but grown-ups did too. Echoes of her mama’s voice telling her she must wear shoes to protect her feet haunt her after she cuts her foot on a broken piece of glass. When her mama learns that Big Hair One with Bear Feet is being bullied, she decides it’s time to tell her about her ancestors and buy her a pair of shoes that fit.


About the Author

Virginia Rodriguez

Virginia Rodriguez is an eight-time marathoner. Raised in Magna, Utah a long time ago with her mama and nine siblings, a good pair of shoes were not easy to come by. She has authored several poems and in 2005, her poem FEATHERS took first place at the First Latino/Latina Poetry Contest at Kimball Arts Center in Park City, Utah. She currently lives in Taylorsville, Utah.



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