Genesis - The Ten Commandments The First Seventy Chapters

by B. Conscious


Book Details

Bibliture: Genesis—Ten Commandments, The First Seventy Chapters offers readers of the Bible a platform to read, question, and discuss the first seventy chapters of the Bible.

Following the verses and discussion questions that allow each individual the opportunity to form opinions about the text, Bibliture presents a commentary that is anchored in the understanding that the fundamental theme of the Bible is that all is interconnected and one.

Routinely asking questions allows individuals the opportunity to consider the plot, the characters, and the characters’ words and actions from the perspective of the power they hold over each other and the level of awareness they have over their own life situations. Viewing the narrative through this lens offers readers the opportunity to consider our own moment-to-moment actions in relation to such highly conscious individuals as Noah, Abraham, Rebekah, Joseph, and Moses to name a few. 

In addition to the Bible study book, an expanded commentary is provided at