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Life happens. No matter what we do to rein it in, it happens at a speed that sometimes takes our breath away. While life is blitzing down the highway, faster than the speed of accumulating wisdom, we are challenged to get a perspective that will help us navigate the twists and turns that lie ahead. We hear and see pictures and words and wonder what they mean. Is there something hidden between the lines? Is there a message I can’t afford to miss? Am I being told something that doesn’t match what I’m seeing? What do I believe? In all areas of life we have to deal with the real world. It’s not my truth or your truth. It’s whether I gave the right answer on the test. It’s whether I was going the speed limit. It’s whether I stepped out in front of that truck coming down the road. The consequences of wrong actions are all realities that do not change based on my beliefs. What you believe does not change what’s real in the physical world or the spiritual world. So, we must seek and know truth.” Through four decades of ministry, Dr. Tom Kinnan has observed and written on life, faith, and culture. You’ll read about such topics as:

• Affirmation
• Influence
• Bitterness
• Certainty
• Common Sense and Logic
• Following the Science
• Intimacy
• Reality


About the Author

Dr. Tom Kinnan

Tom and Kathy Kinnan have been married forty-eight years, have two married children and seven Grandloves. Prior to retiring, Kathy taught humanities at Whitefield Academy, a classical Christian school, and she puts up with a weird and wacky husband. With forty-four years of pastoring and forty-eight years of ministry, Tom brings a depth of knowledge as well as tenderness and compassion to his subject matter. Known for insight, humor, and challenging teaching, his presentations are anointed of God. Tom has traveled internationally as a speaker at colleges, churches, conventions, retreats, and camps. He has extensive experience serving missionaries and in mission fields. Tom’s heart is to see people in the church become equipped to live their lives fully surrendered to Christ and serving in the community where God plants them to be a light. He does not want to maintain a church, but wants the church to be a living and growing body of believers. Tom is the founder and president of Good Shepherd Ministries ( and serves with New Church Specialties as an interim pastor. He is also the author of When God Speaks: Exploring the Absurd and Outrageous Commands of God and, There is MORE to Life: Moving from the finite limits of self to the immeasurable expanse of God.