Because She Was

A Memoir

by Shelley Brouwer


Book Details

When her third child was born with disabilities and cognitive delays author Shelley Brouwer had more questions than answers, and was thrust into an uncertain world. With equal parts fear and determination she set out to help her family and her daughter thrive. Navigating the murky waters of an undiagnosed disability and a rare medical disorder, Shelley learned as she went, and discovered along the way, her young daughter was her greatest teacher.

Then the unthinkable occurred, at the age of 22, this sweet daughter died.

Written with deep insight and humor Brouwer invites you to walk with her through this universal tale of a mother’s love. Grieve with her (for a minute or two) the child she imagined, and embrace with her the child that was. Share the emotional struggles her family sometimes faced, and the small triumphs (seemed huge) her daughter achieved. Then walk with her again, through grief turned hope after her after devastating loss.

Out of longing for a book Brouwer couldn’t find, Because She Was was written to offer a dose of reality, a bit of guidance, and a healthy dose of encouragement.


About the Author

Shelley Brouwer

There are no letters after author Shelley Brouwer’s name like MD or PhD to certify her an expert. Brouwer is uniquely qualified to tell the story she does because it is the life she lives. Shelley is co-owner of a small business and lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband Curt, the love of her life. Proceeds from Because She Was will be donated to organizations devoted to ensuring happy lives for adults with disabilities.