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Dr. Charlie Leveau is a surgeon who, facing divorce and a malpractice suit, goes home to Louisiana to take care of his father. The elder Dr. Leveau was assaulted and left for dead after accidentally uncovering knowledge about an organized crime operation and a corrupt hospital administration. Along with a colorful cast of old friends, Charlie risks his life and career to find out why his father was attacked and who did it. Bayou Cocktail is an emotionally gripping and suspenseful book, sprinkled with a liberal dose of character and humor. It’s a tribute to small towns, to good friends, to right prevailing, and to the end sometimes justifying the means.


About the Author

Rennie Howard

About the Author: Rennie Howard is a semi-retired general surgeon who grew up in Louisiana and now lives and practices in Williamsburg, Virginia. Bayou Cocktail is his first novel.