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Four Best Friends… and a Scandalous Idea

Sarah, Dick, Jimmy, and Susan were born in the same month just before World War II began, and they grew up as best friends. With very different personalities and strengths, each of them met the world in a unique way, seeking success and weathering tragedy with integrity and courage. Now as senior citizens in their late sixties, Fate reunites them, and they find that although they’re older and wiser, they are also still vital and eager to embrace the joys that life can offer. A dinner, a card game, a delightful conspiracy, and a creative suggestion lead this close-knit group of friends to another level as they celebrate the freedom to be exactly who they are…no strings attached. Nostalgic and inspirational, The Bare Foot Club will appeal to any reader who knows it’s never too late to have the best time of your life.


Book Excerpt

Dick refilled their glasses and sat at the table. The others joined him. It was raining harder, and the thunder was getting louder. Flashes of lighting could be seen in the backyard and for brief moments, colorful flowers, bushes, and trees came to life against a background of darkness. How ironic that life should appear so beautiful and disappear so suddenly. It began to rain harder. They finished their wine in silence. Dick said, "This is a bad storm. Why don't you sleep here tonight?" Jimmy nodded. Susan looked at Sarah, who was driving. Sarah turned to Dick. "Only if I can sleep with one of you. I don't mean for sex; I just want a warm body close to me tonight. " Jimmy said, "Sarah and I were together earlier." He asked Sarah if that was okay with her. "Yes, of course." Dick said, "Everything you'll need is in the top drawer in the bathroom." They all went to bed.


About the Author


Hiram and Joyce have been married for 62 years. He started writing The Bare Foot Club when he and Joyce took an around-the-world freighter cruise in 2007. After their return he set the book aside for several years. At Joyce's insistence he completed it. Hiram wrote this book for senior citizens to highlight life experiences, friendships, and sexual relationships long after they have completed their parental and marriage obligations. His hope is that you will enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it and maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself in one of the characters.