Bad Things Happen

Satan Gets to Reign; God Gets the Blame

by Ian R. Harvey


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Why is there evil in the world? BELIEVE GOD AND BE EMPOWERED

A comparison of ways to perceive the actions of Adam and Eve in Eden and how these interpretations affect our understanding of sin and agency. Traditional LDS paradigm of the Fall: Believe Lucifer (“...there is no other way”) and the beguiled Eve (“It is better to pass through sorrow...”), and then rationalize why God really meant ‘thou shalt’ when He had explicitly commanded “thou shalt not”. New ecumenical paradigm: Always believe God, always disbelieve Lucifer, then sort out everything else. Though written primarily to an LDS audience using the LDS canon of scripture (including the Old and New Testaments), this book is of use to all who claim lineage from Adam and Eve in understanding our current plight in the world. The accurate understanding of choices made in the Garden empowers us to act in our world in a positive way.


About the Author

Ian R. Harvey

This is the second book for Dr. Ian R. Harvey, a nanotechnologist and patented inventor by day, a backyard farmer and beekeeper by evening, and a Wyoming cattle ranch hand on weekends. He and his wife Kris are the parents of four and new grandparents. Outskirts Press also published his earlier The Lineage of the Lie: Revealing Paul’s “Man of Sin”. Proceeds of this book go to the world humanitarian efforts of

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