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The agony of empty nests is alleviated with the help of a school nurse and a lawyer who partner to customize adoptions. They try to match up young people over the age of 18 to specifications of the desired couple…usually by coloring or ethnicity….or both. The solicited couple get financial remuneration and in some cases, a scholarship for college. It went along well until a legal problem reared its ugly head…putting both the lawyer and nurse into the arms of the law.


About the Author

Toni Rich

Toni Rich (Eisenstein) is a retired school nurse having spent better than 30 years in that position at the Atlantic City High School. She had been a cruise nurse … Boys Camp nurse in Maine… She was published once before and went to Iceland for a book signing. Due to the Pandemic, she had been furloughed from her Hospice volunteering. She then finished two books she had started after the death of her husband.

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