How America Treated Me

A Journey of My Jihad

by Ayu Suhana


Book Details

At first glance, Ayu Suhana’s story seems familiar—an Asian immigrant who married an American Caucasian man and is now raising her child as a single mother in a foreign country. Her story is not a happy one—it’s about struggle, about fighting through the ups and downs and holding back the tears—but Ayu shares this inspirational story to help other women in the same situation. How America Treated Me is surprisingly upbeat and entertaining as well. With humor, heart, and honesty, Ayu describes surviving in a new country and culture, being a single mom, and finding her own identity.


About the Author

Ayu Suhana

Ayu Suhana left her home country of Indonesia to settle in the United States. Eight years later, she wrote How America Treated Me—her debut book—after divorcing her American husband. She currently resides in Burlington, Kentucky.