Awaken and Come Alive!

The Power of Self Awareness featuring The 5 Master Keys For Life Success

by Robert Hernandez


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Discover the most powerful technique for self-improvement!

Many wise teachers throughout the ages have shared one simple secret for success:

See the light to wake up and live!

Awaken and Come Alive! provides key principles, timeless truths, and practical skills to access and develop the power of self-awareness to change your life. Learn how to:

Manage the unseen with five powerful inner resources.
Promote order with the Five Rs for Pattern Recognition.
Create possibilities through constructive creativity, and do away with destructive negativity.
Be change ready with the ART of Letting Grow and Moving On.
Cultivate connections by letting go of your most important relationship.
Get Ready, Get Set, Let Grow!


About the Author

Robert Hernandez

Robert Hernandez is an author, educator, and veterans advocate. He is a college administrator, directing educational and transitional services for veterans and military personnel. Robert lives in Reno, Nevada where he enjoys hiking and the outdoors.



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