A Voice in The Woods

Hunting Life Lessons

by Zach Stateson


Book Details

Exciting, Funny, Profound...

A Voice in the Woods is a heartwarming, thought-provoking, life-altering collection of true adventures set in the great outdoors. Whether you’re city folk, country folk, male, female, young or old, yeti or chupacabra, you’ll be challenged, encouraged, and inspired.

Along the way you’ll encounter breathtaking scenery, tusk-armed porkers, majestic buglers, behemoth bruins, grandiose gobblers, and treacherous terrain. From Deep South Texas to the heights of the Rocky Mountains, join Zach and his friends as they set out on a series of unique adventures. Not every choice made along the way is good, and there are prices to be paid. However, in the end, rising out of the smoldering embers of consequences, the sweet aroma of redemption fills the air.

First stop: Texas.


About the Author

Zach Stateson

Zach Stateson, a long-time Texas resident, was born third out of five children. His love for hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors began at age five with his first outdoor adventure. Over the years, he has logged many great adventures and gained experience only time in the field can produce. Among his many tales that could be told, a few rise above the rest - unexpected events that resulted in life-altering insights. As a carpenter, Zach has also used his skills on the mission field all around the world. Zach still resides in Texas with his wife Stacy. They share the same heartbeat and desire: to spend their years loving, helping, and encouraging others.