Autobiographonies and Biographonies

And Other Nonsensical Tales

by Grandma Grate


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Relax, sit back, and let Grandma Grate entertain you with stories of days past.

As a member of the Pottawatomie tribe and at nearly 80 years old, Granny Grate draws from her many unusual experiences and memories to create short fictional stories based on a handful of happenings and sprinkled with lots of imagination—along with a little humor and food for thought. This charming collection of vignettes includes the old photographs that inspired the stories—tales about love, unlikely couples, misunderstandings, gossipy old aunts, childhood friendships, family tragedies, and much more. Autobiographonies and Biographonies is a nostalgic journey…and a delightful read.


Book Excerpt

"I just pray that she would never hold any of my past against me. I know she would love old Gus too. We could grow old together...I'm just going to believe you will answer my prayer, Lord. I will patiently wait, Lord, for an answer from you"........."What a beautiful thing it is to be still in love even after all these years. We took a long walk today over the little bridge that Mr. Henry built." ..........".Little had I realized that I needed to learn so much about living on the plains of Kansas. Now I know that I can pan fry prickly pear cactus for a delicious vegetable." ........."I've been a-wonderin', do you suppose the Lord has a pen for black sheep?"


About the Author

Grandma Grate

My philosophy has been God first, family second, and adventures last. Every open door is just an adventure waiting to happen, and I tried to never close an open door. I always considered entering it. From my childhood—much of it spent camped on a riverbank—to marriage and family, life has passed quickly with the wearing of many hats. My countless positions in life have made it easy to come up with interesting stories with a subtle moral message.