Beyond Illusions and Conformity Pressures

In Search of an Authentic Self

by H. Randall Grumpelt, Ph.D.


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Humans are brainy, curious, and assertive. But, paradoxically, we are also anxious and massively conforming. We think we have choices, yet psychologists and sociologists provide compelling evidence that we are influenced by unseen forces we do not understand. From ubiquitous advertising to the direct lessons of parents and teachers, our behaviors and thought patterns are being manipulated from day one. Even subtle social cues like critical looks or remarks have an impact. Without a skeptical and perceptive sense of self, we are controlled by powerful, unexamined influences. Beyond Illusions and Conformity Pressures: In Search of an Authentic Self explores the barriers to self-awareness. When we become more conscious of both the hard-wired and learned pressures, understanding and freedom begin to blossom. It is not easy to unlock the many doors to inner wisdom, but the result just may reveal a fresh new world!


About the Author

H. Randall Grumpelt, Ph.D.

Dr. H. Randall Grumpelt worked as a psychologist for over 40 years. In addition to teaching in colleges and universities, he served as a family and child therapist, and then practiced in the forensic arena. Throughout his career, Dr. Grumpelt sought to see behind the everyday and usual answers. How is the self formed and controlled? What are the underlying reasons that people are troubled? How can they change? From his broad experience and knowledge, he explores the often-hidden wellsprings of our behavior. By furnishing dozens of examples from his life, his practice, and scientific research, he lends clarity to the complex issues of our motives and actions. Now, he shares his insights from biology, anthropology, the social sciences, and history that have led him to an understanding of the self that is both unique and penetrating.



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