As The Grapes Ripen


by Lisa Hou


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Julia Cried Out “I am ready, Soul, to grant it.”

Julia is ultimately the tale of a woman who fights to achieve her identity between Japan, Taiwan, and US. Who is she? Japanese ? Chinese ? or a Russian SPY?.....LH Asian Magazine 13 years ago I met Ms. Hou at a birthday party for Russia’s head of security. I witnessed that people were quite enamored with her dynamic personality, her articles are always sharp, and her pen writes powerful views of politics and economics…...Dr. Igor Ratnere –PHD-Moscow Institute of Technology Ms. Hou has been working with me on many cases, she is very sensitive and intelligent, she comes from an Asian culture and living half of her life in the western world, her writing ingredients will be incredibly remarkable……Thomas La Lanne - SF Lawyer I met Ms. Hou 25 years ago, when I was the editor for the US-World Journal (newspaper in US and Taiwan), she is a great writer, she was a student and prohibited from working as a foreign student in US. She wrote two long novels and 38 articles for us. She has a dynamic pen, she is talented. Her first new book published in Taiwan on Oct, 2015, the book has a profound description of love in the whole range of modern literature……Dr. Chang; the first PHD of Chinese literature in Taiwan, she has been a professor at three Universities.


About the Author

Lisa Hou

Lisa W. Hou, was born in Taiwan, she joined her husband in the late 80’s living in the dormitory of the University of Stanford (Escondido Village). She enjoys writing but life forced her to be a survivor, as a single mother she would have no choice but go to the business battle ground. She has written articles through the I-report of CNN website, she has also written 38 articles and two novels during the 80’s through the World Journal (News Paper), each of her articles had an impact of her views regarding business, politics and economy. She has been living in the Bay Area for over 28 years (Northern California).