Archie and Emma

A Novel Based on Actual People and Events

by Brian Mercer


Book Details

“Lots of times, great blessings are disguised as great suffering.”

Painstakingly researched, this newly discovered true story will restore your faith in the power of Love. Set in Reconstruction Era Indiana, Archie and Emma recounts the whirlwind romance of the author’s own great-grandparents as they fight to overcome the enormous obstacles that come their way. ARCHIE MERCER is a giant of a man and the gentlest of souls, but his deep understanding of right and wrong will be severely tested as he is forced to leave the love of his life in Indiana after the sudden death of his father. EMMA WILLIAMS is a dreamer and imagines her life as being so much more than her small-town upbringing can offer. When Archie is taken from her, those dreams turn to nightmares as she struggles to adjust to life without him. Neither the many years nor miles between them can dim the flame of their love for each other until one day each gets the surprise of a lifetime. Action-packed and funny, painful and inspiring, Archie and Emma is a family bedtime tale that will warm your heart even if you aren’t part of the family.


About the Author

Brian Mercer

Brian Mercer, founder of the Telemachus Society, has spent over three decades in the arts as a musician, songwriter, actor, playwright and stand-up comic. Archie and Emma is his first novel, adapted from his play of the same name. He lives with his wife Linda in Glendora, California.



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