Applied Beekeeping in the United States

by David MacFawn


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Applied Beekeeping in the United States

The beginner as well as the experienced professional will garner a hive full of information from Applied Beekeeping in the United States. Honeybee information has been compiled and published in book form in hopes that beekeepers in the United States and worldwide will benefit. There are many topics in this book not contained in more theoretical books and through 342 pages, supplemented by 246 full-color photographs, both the novice and experienced beekeeper will take away new knowledge. This book is a collection of articles published in Bee Culture, Beekeeping: The First Three Years, and American Bee Journal over the last five to eight years plus some unpublished information and articles. The information covers a broad range of beekeeping topics from basic beekeeping (smokers, moving hives, pulling honey, going through a colony, laying workers, the bee-year, splitting, extracting your honey crop, when is a colony worth saving, swarming, drawing out comb, feeders, installing a package of bees, safety in the beeyard, frames and foundation, beeswax candles, bottom boards, walk-away splits, feeding, rotating old comb, determining how many colonies to have at each location), equipment (assembling frames and foundation, assembling equipment), planning (establishing out-yards, sales and marketing, pollination, mentoring, starting a bee club) and finance (when and how much equipment should you purchase), and much more. David MacFawn has over 50 years’ experience working with honey bees, mainly in the southeastern United States.


About the Author

David MacFawn

David Elgie MacFawn is a North Carolina Master Craftsman Beekeeper (1997); he co-founded the South Carolina Master Beekeeping Program and was awarded the South Carolina Beekeeper of the Year in 1996. He received his Eastern Apiculture Society Master Beekeeper certification during the Eastern Apicultural Society meeting in Greenville, SC, in 2019.

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