A Pocketbook of Hope

Remaining Hopeful Through Hard Times

by Natasha Spellman


Book Details

A storm cloud may be hanging over your life now, but if you hold on and exercise your faith, you’ll be able to walk in victory. Your survival depends on holding on to HOPE!

We all have moments when we question what is happening in our lives. No matter how strong your faith, there are days when you feel like no one understands how or why you feel the way you do. A Pocketbook of Hope will provide courage during periods of change, trials, and uncertainty by helping you turn your attention toward thoughts and actions that will get you back on track. The book contains four parts relating to the phases associated with the storms of life that may cause feelings of hopelessness. Part One contains several writings that relate to thoughts and feelings you experience when a storm first hits. The writings in Part Two relate to maintaining faith. In Part Three, the storm is beginning to end, and it is critical to continue on your path to victory. Part Four describes how to transition from feeling trapped to being a survivor. With God’s help, we can navigate the storms, stay dry in the rain, watch the sun peek through the clouds, and eventually see clearly again!


Book Excerpt

Those people over there…it’s them…it’s everybody. You know who I’m talking about…those people who hurt you, those people who make you mad. It’s them, the ones who get on your last nerve. Everybody else is always doing something to you. Well, sometimes others are doing things to you, but what are you doing to yourself? Are you focusing on those, them, and everybody or are you focusing on your relationship with God? Are you asking God to help you improve and become a better person or are you asking God to get even with them? Focusing on others brings worry, anger, stress, and fatigue. Focusing on God brings a closer relationship, peace, strength, understanding and knowledge of how to monitor your own reactions as well as how to deal with others. Where is your focus?


About the Author

Natasha Spellman

About the Author: Dr. Natasha B. Spellman has worked in the education and human service fields for over 20 years. During her career, Natasha’s most enjoyable role has been encouraging others as they faced challenging situations. Through professional and personal experiences, Natasha has found that showing empathy and kindness often influences one’s decision to hold on to hope and move toward one’s goals.