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An unsuspecting wife finds herself living with a monster!

Hannah, a well educated psychotherapist, graduates from university, and is ready to pursue her chosen profession, when she meets and marries a soft spoken man of her dreams. It didn’t take long before Hannah showed up at her parents home with bruises and she finally comes clean about her husband’s abusive and controlling behavior. Her Aunt Agnes leaves Hannah a legacy in Seattle of a two bedroom brownhouse. While attempting to leave for Seattle in secret he finds her, drags her to a taxi, but her will to leave helps her fight for her life. She hid until her plane left Cleveland. His dysfunctional behavior keeps Hannah on the run until she gets help from the police in Seattle. But her worst nightmare comes true when he finds her again. Hannah is kidnapped, raped and beaten because she wouldn’t return to the arms of Bradly.


About the Author

Dr. Bonnie Gilbertson

Dr. Bonnie Gilbertson is a psychotherapist and has worked with dysfunctional families for over thirty years. She has lived in over three different continents and enjoys unique cultures. She and her husband have lived in seven states in the U.S., are now retired and residing in Boise, Idaho.

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